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 36 Crazy Fists

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PostSubject: 36 Crazy Fists   Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:10 pm

I recently found these guys from musically stalking Kellie. Razz Good thing I did though.

My favorite songs so far are Slit Wrist Theory and We Gave It Hell. I just generally like their sound. It's up my alley - guitar and drum driven with aggressive vocals.


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Angel In The Dark
Angel In The Dark

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PostSubject: Re: 36 Crazy Fists   Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:28 pm

Smile It's good to musically stalk me. I cant explain how much I love 36 Crazyfists. If you have chance to see them live then do because if I hadn't seen them at Download 06 I probably would never have got into them. But live they are just amazing, they have so much energy. I'm still running off my 36 adrenaline from Monday (Ok and my Nightwish adrenaline Smile ) I've now seen them 5 times. I really do love them, one of my favourite bands.

I'll put up some recomendations then Razz

Well Slit Wrist Theory is a good start, Two Months Form A Year and All I Am From Bitterness The Star.

I fully recommend getting A Snow Capped Romance. It's one of my favourite ever albums. From that Destroy The Map, The Heart And The Shape, Skin And Atmosphere and At The End Of August. ATEOA is one of their most known songs.

From Rest Inside The Flames, I'll Go Until My Heart Stops as it's always the opener, Aurora, Felt Through A Phone Line and Midnight Swim. But definatley listen to The City Ignites, it's an acoustic of Midnight Swim and one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard in my life.

From The Tide And It's Takers I'd go with Waiting On A War and Northern November. My least favourite album though.

Thats alot I know. OK definaltey listen to The City Ignites and Destroy The Map.
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36 Crazy Fists
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